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Dr. Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD, FACS

There's something in all of us, big or small, that we wish we could change. I believe that exceptional plastic surgery should be available to anyone & everyone who wants to make that change.

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Confidence with intimacy and security with your own body; we all deserve them both. Labiaplasty is liberating. A labiaplasty is a freeing and empowering procedure for many women, alleviating discomfort, reducing self-consciousness, and aiding in body positivity.

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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is the most powerful plastic surgery procedures that I perform. An abdominoplasty removes skin from the lower abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles, which can be stretched by pregnancy. Tummy tuck results are even more curvy when combined with liposuction, a procedure known as a lipoabdominoplasty.

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Breast Augmentation

My goal is to give you the best, most lasting results. Cleavage, symmetry, fullness, proportions. We choose your implant size and shape together, based on your goals. I’m never rushed, always giving my full attention to your wishes for your breasts.

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Not Models

Helping Moms Get their Bodies Back

Happy moms make good moms. It's common to feel guilty about plastic surgery when you have kids to care for, but taking time for yourself allows you to be better. And, it’s the least you could do after bringing life into the world. Confidence returns with a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover
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Dr. Oppenheimer

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Orlando’s Kindest

That's the most important and genuine designation for me. Kindness and caring are the foundations of medicine, and they color everything I do. From the time spent with you when we first connect at your consult, to the gentleness I carry with me in the operating room. I will always lead with kindness.

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Kindness means gentleness to the human body at all times. The surgeon’s motto is my common refrain: “The heart of a lion, the eye of an eagle, and the hands of a lady”. A delicate touch in the operating room and in the clinic comes full circle back to results. A gentle touch improves healing, lowers pain levels, and decreases scarring. By putting my heart and soul into the care of each and every patient, each and every stitch, the results follow.

I’m incredibly fortunate that my interests and abilities are aligned.

That’s really the secret to the excellence that you see in my work. ​I'm obsessive about the details; the details of your safety and the details of your results. Those who meet me and my team understand the difference. Let me show you what I mean.

Why Choose Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery

This is a safe place for women: for my staff and my patients alike.

Our entire Orlando plastic surgery center and office was thoughtfully designed for your comfort. This is a place where insecurities can be shared without fear of judgement; where modesty and respect prevails. If I can help you, I will do my very best. If I can not, I will let you know with sincerity and honesty.

My team is hand-picked with empathy in mind. Our “virtuous cycle” is one of caring and trust. We provide the caring, you provide the trust. My staff is passionate about educating every person who calls our office, regardless of whether they become a patient. Sometimes the best plastic surgery and the safest plastic surgery is no surgery at all. Sometimes it takes time to get your body ready with diet and exercise. Most of the time, it’s go time. We’re ready for you!

All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery

My “all-inclusive” Orlando plastic surgery facility functions as its own mini-hospital, right here in downtown Orlando, Florida. Our connected surgery suite has just one plastic surgeon (that would be me) and two anesthesiologists (lifelong experts who I would trust caring for my own mom).

My OR nurse and scrub tech round out a singular team that has done hundreds of surgeries together (about 300 cases each year with this amazing squad!). As an extra touch of attention and concern, our mommy makeover patients stay overnight in our recovery suite. The very same nurse, Christina, who has been caring for my patients since I started in private practice, will attend to your every need. We bring our best to caring for you during your procedure and throughout your recovery journey.

In our clinic, we perform blood work and EKGs, along with your preoperative clearance. We are a pharmacy, and have all medications for your procedure under lock and key. We provide scar treatments, gels, and recovery creams to optimize your healing. We include compression garments and postoperative fajas with your procedure. All-inclusive. All in-house. All attentive to providing you the best possible experience. This is a private, boutique, bespoke, supportive experience that is just for you. Everything is built into our all-inclusive plastic surgery pricing.

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