About 1% of my patients require some type of revision procedure, big or small.

No "surgeons fee" will ever be charged to you in the case of a revision surgery. As I mentioned above, your chances of needing a revision are about one in one hundred. This can range from a simple scar revision, to touch up liposuction (very uncommon!) to implant replacement after breast surgery (has only happened twice in my career at this writing).

Please also note that there is a difference between the treatment of complications and the treatment of revisions. In these case of complications (namely infection, bleeding and fluid collections) the cost of The Surgery Center and the anesthesiologist is generally covered by me. Safety is my responsibility and my priority; it is the rarest of situations (about 1 in 300 patients) when a true complication should occur. My goal is to help you with the least amount of encumbrance possible. As I always say:

"​Don’t worry, that’s my job."

In the vast majority of complications, the procedures can be performed in our very own surgery center, the same place that you had your surgery, and not in the hospital.

In the case of revisions - undesired results such as asymmetry or irregularity - there will be a charge to you. While I will work for free to help you reach your goals of as near perfection as possible, my anesthesiologist and nurses in the operating room, as you can imagine, do not. Similarly, the breast implant companies — in case of breast implant exchanges — do not provide free implants to my patients in most cases (please see the warranty information for Sientra and Allergan). Because of the salaries of my anesthesiologist and nurses, as well as potential implant costs, there will be a nominal fee for revision procedures to cover only these costs. This fee schedule has been set up as follows, for fairness to our other providers and to all patients:


Complication Costs

Complication frequency: 1 in 300 patients (bleeding, infection, fluid collections, etc). Total Costs: $0

​(note: that complications requiring hospitalization will incur charges based on the hospital and your insurance company, over which we have no control)

Revision Costs

Revision frequency: 1 in 100 patients (asymmetry, scar irregularities, capsular contracture, etc).

Local anesthesia in procedure room: $0

Local anesthesia in operating room: 1 hour or less: $325 2 hours: $500

General anesthesia in operating room: 1 hour or less: $725 2 hours: $900

​Implant costs: $1100 to $2100 per pair

The good news is you can relax. The chances of you needing my surgical services #postOPP are very rare. But I'm here if you do.

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