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Painless Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Increased Vaginal Tightness, Improved Vaginal Lubrication, Less Urine Leakage

The VaJaser is an FDA approved laser that is inserted into the vaginal canal. During a 10 minute - painless - treatment, the lining of the vagina is stimulated by laser energy. This leads to a healthy, new mucosal lining that produces more lubrication for increased comfort during sex. In addition, both the urethra AND the vagina are tightened, leading to less urine leakage and increased tightness.

How does Vaginal Rejuvenation work?

CO2 Lasers have been used in the medical field for decades. Only recently have developments allowed for the laser to be used inside the vagina for vaginal rejuvenation. The CO2 laser targets water inside of the cells that line the inside of the vagina. By gently heating these cells, a micro-injury occurs, which then stimulates the body's own collagen to form, thus tightening the vagina. The VaJaser also stimulates the mucosal cells to produce more mucus, thus increasing the vagina's natural ability to lubricate itself during sex.

The VaJaser is a vaginal laser that gently heats the vaginal mucosa. By inserting a small laser probe into the vagina, the vaginal rejuvenation laser can create a controlled micro-injury to the vaginal wall, allowing new collagen to form and thus promoting a tighter vagina. By tightening the vagina, the urethra is also made smaller, and this reduces urinary leakage (urinary incontinence). In addition, the mucus-producing cells of the vagina are stimulated, creating more moisture, which helps produce natural lubrication during sex. "Better living through technology," as they say.

Am I a candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

There are three types of patients who are candidates for the VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Orlando vaginal rejuvenation patients who experience the most positive results are those who complain of vaginal dryness.

By gently heating the mucosal cells in the vaginal canal, the VaJaser is able to help them produce more mucous, and more moisture during sexual intercourse. Patients who experience mild stress urinary incontinence, or leaking of urine when coughing or sneezing, are also candidates for the VaJaser.

The VaJaser gently stimulates the deeper tissues of the vaginal canal adjacent to the urethra, thus shrinking these tissues and tightening the urethral opening. This means less urine leakage! Patients who have mild vaginal laxity, or vaginal looseness, are also good candidates for the VaJaser. The laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure causes stimulation to the deep layers of the vaginal walls, thus tightening the vaginal opening for better sex!

The VaJaser: Painless Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is currently only offered at two locations: Dr. Oppenheimer's Orlando, Florida office, where he specializes in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, with a focus on functional & aesthetic surgery of the vagina and Dr. Shatkin's Buffalo, NY office.

Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQs

I'm embarrassed to have an exam! What now?

The entire exam and treatment can be done by our Nurse Practitioner, so this is a female-only process. Most of the decision-making around vaginal rejuvenation has more to do with your history than your exam. This means we can just talk it through and decide if the VaJaser is your best option. Don't stress. We can make this very easy for you. Promise! Our goal is to give you the best vaginal rejuvenation Orlando has to offer.

How long does the VaJaser procedure take?

Surprisingly, the VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure takes only minutes. A small laser is inserted into the vagina, and pulses of gentle heat energy are delivered to the vaginal canal. The total laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure takes about 8-10 minutes, and there is a series of 3 treatments that are one month apart.

Does the VaJaser Hurt?

It may seem hard to believe, but the VaJaser is nearly painless. Surprisingly, there are very few nerve endings within the vaginal canal. Most of the sensation is at the introitus (the opening), the clitoris, and the cervix (the end of the vaginal canal). By treating the canal and avoiding these other sensitive areas, the VaJaser is able to create a painless vaginal rejuvenation. Most women report the mildest warm sensation during treatment. When treating the very edge of the urethral and vaginal openings, there may be the slightest pinching feeling, that may last for only a second.

Do I need numbing medicine or anesthesia?

No! The VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation, does not require numbing medicine or any anesthesia! Because there are so few nerve endings within the vaginal canal itself, the procedure only feels mildly warm. Occasionally when the treatment is delivered close to the cervix, there can be a very mild cramping sensation. Similarly, when the laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment is brought closer to the vaginal opening, there can be a mild pinching sensation. We understand that these areas are very sensitive and we have a gentle touch!

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Consultation with Dr. Oppenheimer

Your visit with the nurse practitioner is VERY UNLIKE a visit to the GYN! There are NO SPECULUMS, and the exam is a very brief 3-5 seconds!

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Most of the important parts are your personal history. We will be asking questions about:

  • Vaginal deliveries and childbirth injuries
  • Feelings of vaginal looseness 
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urine leakage

The VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation, is performed by our Nurse Practitioner. We both understand that this topic is uncomfortable and often seen as taboo. We understand that NO ONE wants to talk about this and that examinations and treatments are awkward by definition. Fortunately by being nice, respectful, and gentle, we can overcome these issues and help you to MOVE ON to other life goals!

Conditions Vaginal Rejuvenation addresses:

Urinary Incontinence or Leaking

If your urinary incontinence is mild stress urinary incontinence (meaning that you leak a small amount of urine only when you cough or sneeze or laugh) then the VaJaser is VERY likely to help you. The VaJaser works by tightening the tissues within the vagina, including those around the urethral canal.

Vaginal Looseness

The VaJaser can correct a mild degree of vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity. The VaJaser is ideal for women who don't quite feel as tight as they used to, patients who have experienced a mild (1st degree) perineal tear, and those with a history of a well-healed episiotomy.

Vaginal Dryness

Of all its benefits, the VaJaser is BEST at correcting vaginal dryness related to menopause or hypoactive sexual desire. The CO2 laser creates micro-injuries to the vaginal mucosa, which stimulates the development of healthy new mucous producing cells. This increases mucus production and allows for more lubrication during sex!

Vaginal Abnormality

There is very rarely an "abnormal vagina". We are all made differently and that's OK! The amount of variation between female (and male) anatomy is dramatic! If you are concerned about the appearance of your vagina, you may be a better candidate for a labiaplasty or other aesthetic procedure. The VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation is directed at functional issues.

Difficulty Achieving Orgasm

In many cases, this will help women to feel more comfortable and more confident during sexual intercourse. That confidence alone is oftentimes enough to overcome issues with sexual desire and orgasm. Unlike the male sexual response (which is almost purely physical) the female sexual response is more complex and is a combination of physical and emotional considerations that are often intertwined. By correcting vaginal dryness, for one, intimacy can become less painful and more enjoyable. That's a great first step to an orgasm! Our nurse practitioner also offers the OPP Shot, which is an injection of your own platelets and growth factors into the clitoris and G-spot. This has been shown to improve orgasms by increasing sensitivity in those critical two areas.

Episiotomy and Tearing

Depending on the severity of your perineal tear, or how well your episiotomy healed, you may be a better candidate for a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty surgery. In general, patients who have had a mild perineal injury or a well-healed episiotomy, that just don't feel quite as tight as they used to, are the BEST candidates for the VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Alternative Procedures

Vaginal Tightening Surgery

If you have had moderate (2nd, 3rd or 4th degree) perineal tears, then you are a better candidate for a vaginoplasty surgery. Similarly, if you feel that your vagina is "very loose" then surgery is a better option for you. Lastly, if you have vaginal prolapse, surgery is required.

That said, it can not hurt you to have a VaJaser treatment, even if you are a better candidate for surgery. If you have a VaJaser treatment and aren't satisfied AND you desire surgery, we can apply much of the cost from your VaJaser treatments to surgery (if you desire a surgical procedure to create even more tightness to your vagina).

If, however, you have mild vaginal looseness or have had an episiotomy that healed well, and you only have mild symptoms of vaginal laxity (looseness) then you are the PERFECT candidate for the VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation! Patients who have problems with uterine prolapse, rectocele, enterocele, or cystocele, are best treated with vaginoplasty surgery and not the laser treatments.

Diva, ThermiVa, MonaLisa, FemiLift

Diva, MonaLisa Touch, and FemiLift all use the same CO2 laser technology as the VaJaser. ThermiVa is a radiofrequency heating device that uses heat to achieve similar results. All devices are FDA approved. 

Recovery from Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQs

What's the Recovery Like after Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The VaJaser treatment is truly painless and the recovery is immediate. There's no downtime, no pain, and no real special considerations following treatment. You can go back to your normal life ASAP! We generally recommend that you avoid intercourse for the first 24 hours, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

When can I have sex?

The VaJaser: painless laser vaginal rejuvenation has almost ZERO DOWNTIME. That includes sexual intercourse. We recommend about 24 hours without sex after the treatment, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Listening to your body, in general, is always a good policy.

When Will I See Results from Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The first results you will see in a matter of days, with more wetness and moisture during stimulation and intercourse. The full treatment is a series of three treatments that are one month apart, so it will take 4-6 months to experience the full effects. For most women, this includes:

  • Tighter Vagina
  • Increased Moisture
  • Less Urine Leakage

What If I'm Not Happy With The Results?

Our goal is your happiness. Hands down. Number one goal. We want you to have the best vaginal rejuvenation Orlando has to offer. If you're not happy with the results, we can offer you several options, including:

  • additional treatments
  • surgical correction (discounted Vaginoplasty & Perineoplasty surgery)

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