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Darkening of the vagina and anal regions can be unsightly and bothersome to some women.

In many cases, darkening of the intimate areas is the result of hormones and genetics. These changes start at puberty and can progress over time. Some ethnicities are also more susceptible to hyperpigmentation. This darker discoloration can affect the anus and vagina, but can also cause darkening of the underarms, neck, elbows and knees.

In some cases, rubbing and friction can also worsen the process of darkening of the buttock crease and other areas. This is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The rubbing of the skin of the buttocks creates trauma, which in turn can heal with a darker skin tone, much like a scrape, scar or burn. This space between the buttocks is able to be treated as well with our anal bleaching treatment regimen.

Intimate Bleaching Process

The best treatment regimen for bleaching of these areas combine in office and at home treatments, and may take a series of visits. Maintenance is the rule, and some “upkeep” of the bleaching process will be required over time. You should expect to have several treatments per year for best results.

Our in office treatment is very similar to laser hair removal (which is also essentially laser hair reduction, just like this brightening is pigment reduction). We apply a numbing cream to the area and then make several passes of the laser to remove the darkest and most superficial skin pigments. The process takes about 10 minutes and is minimally painful. Our goal is for you to have the best vaginal or anal bleaching Orlando can offer.

At home, we recommend the use of our Brightening Pads which come with natural bleaching agents Arbutin and Kojic acid. These can be thought of as a home peel and bleaching treatment. Even though the term vaginal & anal bleaching is used, it is not quite accurate. The better conceptualization is that the older skin and pigments are removed, and the newer skin is treated with pigment blocking agents. This keeps the new skin brighter and more pink. We also offer a stronger brightening product, our Extra Strength Brightening Pads. These contain 2% Hydroquinone, which is indeed safe at low concentrations.

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Vaginal & Anal Bleaching Orlando

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