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What is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure that improves skin texture and appearance such as decreasing acne scars, age spots, and wrinkles and reduce the lines around your mouth. Laser resurfacing makes thousands of micro tunnels into your skin, deep enough so that new cells can grow back. This “resurfaces” the skin with a healthy new skin layer and forms new collagen in the process. The end result is younger looking skin.

Laser skin resurfacing is a fine “sanding” of the peaks and valleys of time that have been etched onto your face. Lasers also offer a “blending” effect to pigmentation and sun spots that accumulate with sun exposure, especially in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Types of Laser Resurfacing

Lasers are either ablative or non-ablative. Ablative lasers include carbon dioxide (CO2) or Erbium to remove the outside layers of your skin. This is similar to a skin peel, where there is more redness and more recovery. Non-ablative does not remove skin layers but instead uses pulsed light or pulsed-dye with pigment conditions such as acne, spider veins, and rosacea. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive but also less powerful. Here is a bit more information on some of the laser resurfacing types:

  • CO2 lasers: mostly ablative lasers for the treatment of scars, skin spots, flaws, and deep wrinkles
  • Erbium lasers: ablative and used for conditions such as age spots, collagen, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin laxity as well as promote collagen remodeling
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not a laser but treats similar issues like acne, sun damage, and rosacea
  • Pulsed-Dye lasers: usually non-ablative used to combat broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, redness, and rosacea

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Laser Resurfacing Orlando

Laser Resurfacing Method

I’ll go out of my way to make my Orlando laser resurfacing patients feel comfortable and safe. If we’re going with a superficial depth treatment, we can get away with topical numbing cream only before the laser treatment. For deeper treatments, we may do nerve block injections, similar to a visit to the dentist. For the deepest laser resurfacing, and most dramatic results, twilight anesthesia is used to ensure that you are comfortable.

Ablative laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure done right here in our office and surgical center where we strive to deliver the best laser resurfacing Orlando has to offer. Generally, laser resurfacing can take anywhere between 10 minutes and a half an hour to two hours depending on what is being done.

Oftentimes, laser skin resurfacing of the face is combined with other procedures. A facelift, brow lift, and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are the most common additional procedures. When combined with these surgical techniques, the maximum anti-aging effects can be realized.

During your procedure, a laser is sent into your skin to destroy the epidermis (outer layer of your skin) while heating the dermis (underlying skin) to shrink collagen fibers. It allows new smoother and tighter skin to form as the wound heals and new collagen is created. I do not remove any skin as part of this procedure.

There are many conditions that can be treated with laser resurfacing, including:

Laser Resurfacing FAQs

Am I a candidate for laser resurfacing?

If you have any issues with acne, age or sun-related problems, including fines lines or wrinkles around your eyes or mouth, you are a good candidate for laser resurfacing. However, anyone with active acne or very dark skin may want to find an alternative solution.

Scars can also be improved with ablative laser resurfacing. If you have post surgical scars from tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or facelift, we can resurface these scars to make them thinner and more smooth.

What are the results of laser resurfacing?

Final results can take months, because the treated area needs to heal before you start to notice an improvement in your skin quality and appearance. New cells need to grow into place. The positive effects can last for years. However, keep in mind that your results will be influenced as you continue to age, which includes squinting and smiling, and exposure to the sun.

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During our consultation, we will go over which laser resurfacing technique will work best for you and what you are looking to get done.

I’ll spend as much time as we need to talk to you about what procedure you are interested in and what your concerns may be, including how much downtime you have, and to go over what your expectations are and how best to meet them. We can dial the laser up or down depending on how much redness and downtime you have, how much time off work you can take, and your general goals for recovery.

Orlando Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing Recovery

I want to make sure you have a speedy and safe recovery. We provide items such as prescriptions for Acyclovir in case of previous cold sores or chicken pox reactivation, which is rare but possible.

If you are prone to hyperpigmentation (dark spots) then we will want you to pre-treat your skin with Hydroquinone, which we can provide you. Conditioning the skin with Retin-A (retinol) is also helpful to maximize your results.

Recovery ointments, cleansers and pain medications will also be provided to improve your results and ensure the best recovery. We have a nurse If you have further questions as you recover at home, feel free to call our nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make it our goal to make your recovery as comfortable as possible, while giving you the best laser resurfacing Orlando can offer.

Here are some tips to keep in mind during your recovery:

  • You may find that your skin might be red or pink for several weeks, maybe even months
  • It is normal for your skin to be dry and peel off after a few days
  • Downtime depends on which laser is used: non-ablative lasers has little to no downtime while ablative lasers can take up to three weeks 
  • You will need to modify any exercise activities that can occasion an infection
  • You can expect your treated skin to be raw and swollen
  • There may be some itchiness for a few days 
  • You can also use ice packs for pain relief
  • After new skin completely covers the treated area (one or two weeks), you may use cosmetics to conceal any redness
  • Keep your head elevated when you go to sleep; it will help to ease swelling
  • Always wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher when out in direct sunlight

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