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Trouble spots. Everyone has them.

Unwanted pockets of fat that don’t seem to go away with exercise. Most of these can be hidden with clothing. A double chin? Not so much.

Some of the factors that cause a double chin include airway positioning, anatomy, hereditary factors, and weight. Submental liposuction removes fat from beneath the skin and sculpts the chin and neck contour. Submental liposuction (aka double chin lipo) is the easiest area in the entire body to treat with liposuction. If you’re ready to get rid of your double chin and trade it for a smooth jawline, I can help.

Why Facial Liposuction?

Facial liposuction removes fatty deposits from a specific area of your face, including the chin and neck.

Our face is how others see us, but more importantly, it’s how we see ourselves. Some people genetically inherit stubborn areas of fat and fullness in the neck and cheeks. Unfortunately, no amount of diet and exercise can help lose some areas of fat. My goal is to give you a more naturally sculpted and refined appearance in your face and neckline with submental (double chin) lipo.

Many of my Orlando facial liposuction patients I see feel self-conscious about their neckline. Getting rid of a double chin immediately improves the way they look at themselves. I see my life’s purpose as helping my patients feel better about themselves in ways big and small. A double chin is a wonderfully quick fix - with very little downtime - that yields subtle yet dramatic results.

Facial Liposuction Orlando
Orlando Facial Liposuction

Submental (Double Chin) Liposuction Method

Submental liposuction does not require general anesthesia and is done right here in our private surgical center in downtown Orlando. It takes less than an hour and there is about 3 days of downtime where you could see bruising or swelling.

Local anesthesia or twilight anesthesia can be performed; your choice. After using a small amount of local anesthesia I make two very small access points right under the chin crease; almost like a vampire bite. I use a cannula (thin metal tube) to insert through the incision that allows me to loosen the excess fat and take it out of the body with suction. By using minimally invasive techniques, I can conceal all scarring, making it as inconspicuous as possible.

At my surgery center and clinic, we provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week nurse service that you can call anytime for information or concerns.

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Facial Liposuction FAQs

Am I a candidate for facial liposuction?

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your double chin and jowls, you are a good candidate for facial liposuction. You should be in good physical health, have good skin elasticity and fat deposits disproportionate to the rest of your body. I will discuss the realistic expectations of a facial liposuction Orlando.

It’s possible that if you are older, or have lost a lot of weight, you may be a candidate for a facelift. In these cases, loose skin is the problem and requires skin removal in addition to liposuction.

What Are the Risks?

Liposuction procedures are safe and are routinely done by me in our surgical suite. There is the possibility of minor risks such as bleeding, bruising, infection, loose skin, numbness, seroma, small scars, and swelling. But the risks of facial liposuction are extremely low and I take every precaution for safety. I pride myself in taking the necessary steps to get you the results that you deserve in the safest way possible. I strive to give the best facial liposuction Orlando can offer you.

Is fat removal permanent?

Indeed it is! Facial liposuction permanently removes those fat cells to improve your facial contour and deal with a double chin. As long as your weight is stable, the fat will not grow back.

What are the results of facial liposuction?

The results will give you a rejuvenated appearance and slim facial profile. It's subtle improvements that will continue for several months as your skin tightens up. Your incisions will barely be visible.

Can I combine a facial liposuction with another procedure?

Yes, there are different options depending on what you are looking to get done. Your particular needs may include chin augmentation, neck lift, fat grafting, and cheek augmentation or lip fillers using a dermal filler. A facelift may be considered depending on the quality of your skin as well as your goals.

How can I prepare for facial liposuction?

There are a few things you can do prior to your visit that can help prepare you for your procedure. This can include stop smoking and taking blood thinners like aspirin and certain medications (we will go over that during your consultation) at least two weeks before your treatment.

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Reasons for Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction can help deal with your double chin and improve your appearance. Based on your individual facial anatomy, I can address problem areas:

  • Eliminate a double chin
  • Fullness in the neck
  • Help weak jawline
  • Improve your profile
  • Restore a more youthful appearance
  • Tighten neck skin
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Facial Liposuction Recovery

Your recovery will be quick, since facial liposuction is an outpatient procedure. Most people return to work and resume normal activities within a few days. Here is what else you can expect during your recovery:

  • You will need to rest for at least 24 hours after your procedure
  • Bruising and swelling for a few weeks
  • Ointment over tiny incisions
  • A compression neck wrap garment for a few days to help decrease swelling
  • You can use cold packs for pain relief and reduce swelling
  • You should keep your head elevated when sleeping
  • You can start walking within a few days to help against any blood clots forming and causing problems
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for about 2 weeks

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