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Chin augmentation is truly a game of millimeters.

I’m constantly amazed how adding a few millimeters to the chin with an implant or filler can so dramatically change the entire facial appearance. Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that corrects the contours of your chin, jawline, and neck and adds symmetry to your face.

In most cases, a permanent silicone implant is used, but in other cases, a small amount of filler (like Voluma) can be injected to add chin projection. A weak chin can lead to a loss of confidence and for people to make assumptions about you as a person. A chin augmentation creates a better overall harmony to your face and adds a confidence boost. When I perform a chin augmentation, I can help restore balance and a more youthful appearance to your face: the neckline is improved in the process.

Chin Augmentation Method

With chin augmentation, an incision is made underneath your chin to create space for the chin implant and make it fit around your jaw bone. I use chin implants, small devices made from a silicone class of biocompatible material, that molds and fits around your chin.

The implants vary in size and contour so I can find the right fit for you. For women, a smaller implant is used to get a more subtle result. For men, a stronger and broader implant may be desired to get a more masculine and powerful look.

The implant will feel like a natural chin bone. I will discuss how we can choose the best fit for you during your consultation in order for me to perform a successful surgery and provide you with the best possible outcome based on your goals for your profile.

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I look forward to meeting you during our initial consultation, where we will get an opportunity to look at your facial profile and decide on the best course of action in a customized procedure right for you.

Together we really will drill down on the exact number of millimeters that your chin is lacking, and exactly the look you are going for. In men, we can even use an implant that will give you a cleft chin if you desire! In some women, we may need just a small injection with Juvederm to get the look you seek.

Either way, you’ll be in charge, I'm here to help you get the best chin augmentation Orlando has to offer. You’ll be able to ask questions and get the answers you need.

If you have an under-projected, narrow, or short chin and are looking for more length or defined structure in proportion with the rest of your facial features, you are a great candidate for chin augmentation.

My Approach

Your chin plays an important role in your facial harmony and symmetry. A weak chin can draw attention to the nose and can throw off facial balance. Sometimes a chin augmentation and rhinoplasty are performed together for the most dramatic look.

During the chin implant surgery, you are given light sedation through an IV. After you drift off to sleep, a small incision is made in the chin crease. The implant we selected is then positioned on top of the jawbone.

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Chin augmentation usually less than an hour to complete. When it comes to safety, there are very few risks. Because of my attention to detail, a smooth, even, symmetrical chin is the expected result. This is what has made me a top Orlando chin augmentation surgeon. In rare cases, numbness and weakness can occur for a short time period, but all nerves should return to normal within a few weeks to months. Infection and hardness is extremely rare because we are using a strict sterile technique and making the approach from the clean outside skin (not from inside the mouth).

My goal is to improve your facial profile and strengthen your jawline. Having a stronger chin and smooth neckline is considered a sign of youth. A chin augmentation will also give you more confidence, especially in social settings.

I use the most advanced and most sterile surgical techniques to give my patients the most natural-looking results for the longest time possible: the goal being for the rest of your life! I’m happy to bring my experience as a plastic surgeon to transform not only your chin but in doing so, change your entire facial profile and your outlook on life.

Top 15 Reasons for a Chin Augmentation

There are many great reasons why a chin augmentation procedure can have an impact on your life:

  • Appearance similar to your natural chin bone
  • A balance between your nose and chin
  • An ideal profile
  • A better definition of your jawline and neck
  • Boost the height/width of your chin
  • Facial harmony in proportion with your other features
  • Get a more natural and proportionate contour
  • Improved facial profile
  • Minimizes the appearance of a jowl or “double” chin
  • Quick surgery
  • Repair a recessed or weak chin
  • Results are permanent
  • Scars undetectable after healing
  • Visible improvements
  • Can also choose to have neck liposuction and/or rhinoplasty performed at the same time
  • Career impact whether in front of a camera or your iphone
Orlando Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Recovery

This is a subtle procedure and recovery is quick. A few days off work after a chin implant is all you really need.

While your chin may feel numb and swollen for a week or two, you shouldn’t have any challenges being in public after just a few days. Bruising is almost never present and the scar is hidden under your chin crease, if a chin implant is used (if fillers are used there is no downtime).

Sutures are dissolvable and a flesh colored silicone band aid is used to hide the incision for the first few weeks. A small facial wrap is used for the first 48 hours. Pain is minimal and easily controlled with elevation, ice packs and a small amount of pain medication if needed.

We have a recovery program here at Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery that includes having a nurse available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have any questions or concerns during your healing process. Our goal is to make your recovery as comfortable as possible while giving the best chin augmentation Orlando has to offer.  Here are some tips for your recovery:

  • Avoid any strenuous activity for at least two weeks
  • Expect some swelling and pain in the chin area
  • Most people return to their normal activities within a week following their procedure
  • Pain medication can be prescribed for discomfort
  • You can use cold compresses for pain relief
  • You may have bandages for your chin to help with healing
  • You may need to keep your head elevated for up to two weeks to help bring down the swelling

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