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A breast lift is an instant confidence boost.

The fight against gravity is not one we’re destined to win. The larger the breast, the more drooping that can occur. When the skin is thin and delicate, breast drooping is more pronounced and happens even sooner.

So women who rapidly develop large breasts at puberty or with breastfeeding can experience drastic stretching of the breast skin. Similarly, patients who lose weight can often (unfairly) lose breast volume first, leaving empty skin and sagging breasts. For all of these women, bras are an absolute requirement. But even then, the breast still lacks roundness and fullness, making certain outfits difficult, and causing self-consciousness when naked.

Restoring Your Breasts

The first step is for me to understand your goals. There are many versions of beautiful breasts. What matters most is your version of beautiful breasts. If you have sagging breasts and want a full, round perky look, the best option is an anchor lift and a high profile breast implant.

If you have large breasts and a lot of sagging, a breast reduction with lift makes sense. And lastly, if you like the size and shape of your breasts and just want them lifted slightly—perhaps making the areola smaller in the process — a breast lift is a perfect operation. Let’s talk and achieve your goals together.

There is no textbook answer. One size (and shape) does not fit all.


To lift or not to lift? Depends on your goals for perky, your tissue stretch, and your surgeon’s skill. Dual plane 3 with 415cc high profile silicone no lift.


Progress pics from today’s breast lift with implants: symmetry, fine needlework, and nary a bruise in sight 😌 #nary

Breast Lift Method

The anchor incision is my preferred incision pattern for a breast lift. It’s not that I want to create more scars on the breast (as I often say “surgery is only fun for the surgeon”), it’s just that the other incisions — while shorter — don’t leave the breast looking as pretty! Creating beautiful breasts and natural looking results is how I became one of the top Orlando breast lift surgeons.

The anchor pattern extends around the areola and downward towards the breast crease (like a lollipop), then across the breast crease horizontally. The greater the drooping, the longer the horizontal scar.

The anchor incision is the best option to create a round breast shape, and is the most aggressive way to maximize perkiness. Lollipop only or donut scars don’t reliably lift the breast, and the resulting shape is often undesirable, especially over the long term. These scars frequently need to be converted into anchor scars at the time of a breast revision.

In cases where “just a small lift” is required, you may be better off avoiding the lift altogether and evaluating breast augmentation alone. In a certain select group of patients with asymmetry, however, one nipple may be lower than the other. For these women, a small crescent lift can be performed. This results in a small horseshoe scar above the areola. The benefit is that both nipples can point in the same direction after the procedure.

Areola size is a big concern for women with drooping breasts. The anchor pattern allows for the best control of nipple diameter. While a donut or circular scar seems logical, that approach actually flattens the breast, and it relies on a single suture to lasso the nipple to the desired size. The sutures can break and “cheesewire” through the tissue, leaving a wider nipple, now with sunburst-type scars.

For women who want the most round and full “upper pole” of the breast, an implant should be considered. A breast implant is the only reliable way to have lasting roundness in the upper breast after a breast lift.

Breast Lift FAQs

Am I a candidate for a breast lift?

Any woman in good physical health, who does not smoke, and who is at an ideal weight (BMI < 30) is a great candidate for a breast lift. If sagging of your breasts is bothersome to you and you are willing to accept breast scars, then a breast lift is an excellent option.

Are there scars with a breast lift?

Yes, anchor scars in most cases. Scars are inevitable with a breast lift. The extent of scarring is contingent upon several factors, most important of which is the degree of drooping and the size of your breasts. With my suture technique and gentleness to tissues, your breast lift scars should fade into thin, white or light pink lines in the first several months to years after your surgery.

What are the risks with a breast lift?

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. As previously mentioned, I am steadfast and uncompromising when it comes to patient safety. We take every precaution possible at our own facility to minimize risk and give you the safest breast lift Orlando has to offer. The risks commonly associated with a breast lift are asymmetry, bleeding, infection, scarring, and subtle changes in nipple or breast sensation. Under most circumstances complications are rare. Sensation, for example, returns to normal or may even be improved in some cases. Breastfeeding is in fact possible after a breast lift. The nipple stays attached to the body and all ducts are preserved.

When can I have a breast lift after childbirth?

It is best to wait at least six months after you stop breastfeeding before having a breast lift. The key is for your breast to no longer be producing any more milk and to settle to their final size and shape. While a breast lift can be performed before childbirth, it should not be performed between children. You should not be planning to have any more children after a breast lift. We can discuss this topic during your consultation.

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Real Patients

Our mantra of “Moms, Not Models” goes beyond mothers strictly speaking and is a commitment to real women seeking realistic results.

Women who have given birth or experienced great physical change and are looking to regain their youthful shape and perky breasts deserve to feel good about their body. A woman living life to the fullest, with confidence, is worth every ounce of effort I give each patient. It’s a great reward helping women become more accepting and confident in their body.

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My Approach

I am always specific and direct with my patients about the pros and cons for each surgery. It’s important to impart that a breast lift will inevitably involve some scar tissue. This is the trade off. If an anchor scar is not worth it for you, and you don’t want an implant, a good push up bra is an excellent alternative. Honest. I take extreme pride in all of my work and utilize every measure possible to leave no trace of surgery.

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The major key to achieve thin scars is a delicate suture approach. I place all sutures myself to create the best long term incision healing. I make a concerted effort to be gentle with the human body and I work hard to give every one of my patients the best breast lift Orlando can offer. As my favorite saying goes: “the heart of a lion, the eyes of an eagle, and the hands of a lady.” Being honest and up-front affords my patients the best outcome and realistic expectations. The results of a proper breast lift are a beautiful shape, but they may not be long-lasting. The breast skin is very delicate, and does not make for the best bra.

Of course, that’s the reason most women need a breast lift in the first place! Since we are using the same skin to act as a bra once again, drooping may be expected to recur. How long until drooping develops depends very much on your genetics and skin quality. This is an important point we will review at your consultation. While no one would want a breast lift twice, it is certainly possible in the case of very thin skin. To correct, you may need to have an aggressive breast reduction and skin removal with a small breast implant. This is the best likelihood for long term perkiness.

Breast Lift Recovery

I am super involved with all aspects of your recovery with many return visits to the clinic to assess healing. Proper recovery is as important as the procedure itself. Once your breast lift surgery is complete you will be taken to a private recovery room where your healing will begin. All of my surgeries are performed in my own surgery center, attached to the clinic located in Orlando, FL.

I am able to control every aspect of your safety, from anesthesia to recovery room care. Being that recovery is such an integral part of your results, we provide a detailed post-op regime with everything you will need to heal as optimal as possible, from ointments to scar gels, to postop bras to your first new victoria’s secret bra.

Recovery times vary from patient to patient but generally you will be able to resume work within one to two weeks and you can expect most major healing to occur within one to two months.


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During your recovery:

  • Avoid strenuous activities for at least one month, including fitness and gym activities.
  • Intercourse is permissible within the second week, but you should not raise your heartrate and the breasts are off limits for at least 8 weeks.
  • It is normal to experience changes in sensation in your nipples and breasts at first, but feeling commonly returns within six weeks as swelling subsides
  • Our provided support bras can help decrease swelling and support your breasts
  • Medications are prescribed for pain relief
  • Moisturizers should be applied to your breast skin, and ointment applied to the suture area
  • Showering is OK after 48 hours.

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