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My Whole Entire Mission: To do my very best for you

Helping moms get their bodies back is my sole reason for showing up to work each day. I'm ready to give my best to help you be your best. Nothing more, and nothing less.

We'd like you to be at least 6 months after pregnancy and breastfeeding before thinking about a mommy makeover, and of course, at a goal weight with a BMI less than 30. If you have a newborn baby, you can still hold your baby early in recovery, as soon as a few days #postOPP. Just make sure you have extra helping hands.

Some moms feel guilty about tummy tuck surgery

It's common to feel guilty about plastic surgery when you're a mom, but as I always say: happy moms make good moms. I have never once had a mom regret having a tummy tuck. It improves self-esteem, which is good for parenting and for relationships. It may be hard to explain to your family and friends, who may say things like: "you don't need a tummy tuck." Well, you probably don't need a haircut or lashes or nails, but they sure make you feel good. Tummy tuck? Same.

Make time for yourself. There's no question this mom has more confidence after her tummy tuck. Having good self-esteem is the starting point for wellness, and it is hard to do when you've lost your body to pregnancy and weight fluctuations. Plastic surgery is about self-care, and vanity doesn't enter the equation (in my humble opinion).

All About Mom. All About the Tummy.

A mommy makeover can be anything you want it to be. The center point, however, in most cases, is a tummy tuck.

The closest comparison to a tummy tuck is a C-section. If you’ve had a C-section you’re already a pro at having a mommy makeover you just don’t know it yet. Scar from a C-section is about the same as a scar from a tummy tuck in a mommy makeover. Very low, hidden within any bikini line, just a bit longer. I would actually say that a tummy tuck scar is about 3 C-section scars in a row. just as low and just as thin.

Every tummy tuck has two basic elements: removal of excess skin and tightening (corset) of the abdominal muscles. In that way, most tummy tucks are the same. What makes my mommy makeovers different are THREE MAJOR KEYS: a LOW scar, a CUTE belly button, and CURVES. Even though the scar may be long (hip to hip in most cases) with a low scar, no one will be able to see it. Hiding a tummy tuck scar underneath the bikini line is the most critical element that most surgeons miss. Don't get stuck thinking about tattoos or high-waisted shorts to cover up your scar. Keep it super low (lower than a C-section scar!)

I specialize in customization. My expertise is in selecting the right procedures for your goals, and executing them with expert care. Why do I spend a full hour with my new patients? To match the procedures with the wish list. Mommy makeovers are life changing, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Now that you’re ready to get your body back, I’m ready to help. My staff and I care about making you feel at ease for your visit while providing the best mommy makeover Orlando has to offer.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

What are the risks with a mommy makeover?

Safety first, middle and last. Our accredited facility is a mini-hospital, stocked with every medication that you would find in an emergency room. I am steadfast and uncompromising when it comes to my patients’ safety. I’m always accompanied by a board certified anesthesioIogist and I take every precaution to ensure safety is a priority. By never cutting corners, I can minimize the risks of surgery as much as possible. I am proud to do the right thing, and provide the best for my Orlando Mommy Makeover patients.

Am I a candidate for a mommy makeover?

Any woman in good physical health with a stable weight is a great candidate for a mommy makeover procedure. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has variations in their skin elasticity. This is why some women get stretch marks and some don’t. It’s important to have realistic expectations about what your body can achieve. You should also be done with childbearing. A mommy makeover can also help to remove unsightly scars if you’ve undergone previous surgeries such as hysterectomy or c-sections.

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Real Patients: Moms not Models

A body that gave itself to making a family.

“Moms, Not Models” is my mantra. It’s a commitment to real women: ladies with stretch marks, bulges, loose skin and scars; With outie belly buttons and hernias; With breasts that droop or sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding; With love handles that weren’t there before.

If it’s your turn to take care of yourself, I’m ready to put my best into achieving your goals. After all, when you come to my clinic, your goals are my goals.

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Muscle Separation aka Diastasis Recti

The bulge that doesn't go away after pregnancy is usually from muscle separation, which goes by the name rectus diastasis or diastasis recti. The reason this happens, of course, is to make room for the developing baby.

The "six pack" muscles - the rectus abdominis - actually stretch apart in the midline, and the fascia - the covering of the muscles - becomes weakened. Rectus diastasis will not go away with diet and exercise, because it is not "baby weight." Rather, it is torn and stretched fascia. Much like stretch marks can't be unstretched, the muscle requires a physical repair to bring them back together. Some women are just lucky in that they don't have muscle separation or they don't get loose skin. The vast majority, however, experience changes in their bodies from pregnancy. Twin moms especially can develop muscle separation, appearing to some that they "still look pregnant." Needless to say, this is a frustrating place to be for a young mom.

Mommy Makeover Method

A mommy makeover can be whatever you want it to be! Most commonly, however, a mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck with breast surgery. A breast augmentation or breast lift with implants are the two most common associated procedures, but really any surgery can be on your list.

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Since most of my tummy tucks already include liposuction, it’s safe to say that lipo will be a part of your mommy makeover. That said, I have also performed labiaplasty with mommy makeover surgery. Whatever is on your list is on my list too.

What makes a mommy makeover special is that you’re getting curves up top and curves on the bottom. When a mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck with breast implants and fat transfer to the buttock (a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift) there’s no more powerful surgery to shape the body.

Top 10 Reasons for a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover will improve how you feel and look in a number of ways. Here are the top reasons:

  1. Breast lift: A breast lift means perkier breasts for better support and a younger looking bust
  2. Eliminate pregnancy issues: You can get rid of excess skin, loss of elasticity and stretch marks, among other issues
  3. Firm abdomen: A firmer stomach will give you a new contour for your body
  4. Fit better in your clothes: After a mommy makeover, you will probably have to go shopping!
  5. Great results: You will get great results no matter which procedure you get done with most of them permanent
  6. More than one procedure: You can have more than one procedure done at the same time
  7. No more loose stomach skin: A tummy tuck can remove extra skin and tighten abdominal muscles
  8. Self-esteem: Your self-confidence will benefit you at work and at home
  9. You and your family: A mommy makeover is not only a positive change for you but also for your family
  10. Youthful appearance: Feel and look young again!

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Recovery from mommy makeover is not really any different from that of a tummy tuck. We talk about the "rule of 2s" for mommy makeover recovery: Two days of downtime as a patient, two weeks off work, and two months until you’re back to full strength at the gym.

You can start gently working out around one month after surgery.  The same rules apply with our tummy tucks and our mommy makeovers: all patients stay overnight at our facility so we can give you the best care possible.

I make sure to be very involved with all aspects of your recovery because a good recovery is as important as your procedure. My nurse and I provide post-op garments, bras, recovery ointments and scar gels to help you get the best mommy makeover Orlando has to offer. These are all included in the cost of your surgery. Your recovery time will depend on which specific procedures you decide to have. A good rule is to plan on a 14 days of being “off duty” at home and at work. During this time, you should find a recliner and take some time to relax and be off your feet. For once!

During your recovery, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Silicone adhesive is applied to the tummy tuck incision and will stay on for 3 weeks.
  • Gauze and bandages are applied to your belly button and incisions
  • A support bra and a compression garment will be provided to minimize swelling
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay very hydrated 
  • Flex your quads and calves to keep blood circulating
  • Avoid strenuous activities for at least one month
  • Expect some tenderness in the treatment areas
  • Medication will be prescribed for pain relief
  • Moisturizers can be applied if your skin is dry and ointment to the belly button area

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